Professional Sikkens® Paint at Cumming Motors

Sikkens Paints Delivers Quality Results at Cumming Motors

Cummings Motors knows the quality of our results depends on the quality of the paint we use. For over two decades, we have used Sikkens® Paints, one of the best paints made today. Sikkens delivers quality results we trust and offers its own five-year paint guarantee. Cumming Motors has two downdraft spray booths. The controlled environment of the spray booths keeps the area cleaner and bakes the paint onto the vehicle. This ensures the professional finish and quality results our customers come to expect with expert collision repair. Having the two booths also enables our shop to handle a larger number of vehicles, which means a faster repair process for our customers.


Knowledgeable Paint Professionals in Altoona, PA

The paint and prep staff at Cumming Motors have been with us for more than a decade. These knowledgeable paint professionals attend the Sikkens training schools so they are educated right from the manufacturer. After painting, your vehicle is buffed, detailed, cleaned inside, and made ready for delivery back to you, its happy owner. Reuniting a repaired vehicle with its owner is what makes all of our work so fulfilling. Knowing we are putting you back on the road in safety and looking like know makes it all worthwhile.