Comprehensive Repair Services at Cumming Motors


Vehicle Alignment – As Good as New

A major part of our collision repair work is the attention given to alignment and returning vehicle that is repaired and stable to drive. Hitting the wrong king of road hazard can result in a mis-alignment that can ruin the performance of your vehicle.

Informed drivers know the importance of having a car that is in good alignment. With our state-of-the-art repair facility, we can test and ensure your vehicle is in the best working order after a collision or other encounter with a roadway problem. When you drive your car every day, a good driver knows when there is something wrong, and can most likely pinpoint when the change happened.

Computerized Frame Measuring and Alignment Systems for Accuracy

Some of our impressive technology includes the Computerized Frame Measuring System, three Frame Machines, and a Wheel Alignment Computer and Rack System. Together, these highly technical devices ensure your frame is back to quality standards and alignments after even the worst types of damage. This is what comprehensive repair means!

Give us a call and let us check your vehicle to ensure your vehicle is in its proper alignment, for greater peace of mind and stability when you are on the road.